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  Thursday I was lucky enough to get out and partake of a fine sunset over the Big Creek Valley near Mt Judea. Here Sam's Throne stands guard over the forested and pastoral landscape that fills the valley floor. The hike to a good spot on the bluff's edge was only about 1/2 mile...yet still a hike...carrying camera, recliner and small ice chest with some frosty refreshment and appropriate snack food action. The bluff line was all mine. A very warm 10 mph breeze provided some evaporative cooling. All was very comfy save for a couple of flies and an aggressive "sweat bee" (you know...the ones that always show up at picnics) which I think is actually some sort of ground wasp. This little punk was determined to share my food and drink but alas...perished with the slap of my hat...then all was at peace again. This is a great place to watch the sun drop below the opposing ridge and feel the wonder of nature as it attempts to sting you. Later that night I traversed the state to see the sunrise from Rich Mountain in Oklahoma. Amazingly I saw three separate lone bears within a two mile area along the road near the Kiamichi Wilderness Area. Also one fat rattler crossing the road. These were all seen around 6:00 a.m.

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