329 Spadra Creek3/16 Hike from hell above and on Spadra Creek, Ozark National Forest
                                  328 Upper Buffalo Wilderness AreaHike on Whitaker Creek in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area
                                  327 Hurricane Creek Wilderness AreaOvernight backpack with bluff action above Hurricane Creek
                                  326 Leatherwood Wilderness Area - Hike on bluff and creek in the Leatherwood Wilderness Area
                                  325 Left Hand Prong, North Fork Illinois Bayou - Hike on Left Hand Prong of the North Fork of the Illinois Bayou
                                  324 Big Shoal Creek - Hike down upper Big Shoal Creek, Ozark National Forest
                                  323 Beech Hurricane Creek, Little Mulberry Creek - Hike along these two creeks in the Ozark National Forest
                                  322 Looper HollowHike along Looper Hollow, tributary of upper Big Piney Creek, Ozark National Forest
                                  321 Lower Buffalo Wilderness - Hike in the Lower Buffalo Wilderness south of the river
                                  320 Blaylock Creek AreaFoggy hike to a bluff near Blaylock Creek and Brush Heap Mountain
                                  319 Lower Buffalo WildernessStormy overnight backpacking in the Lower Buffalo Wilderness with bluff action
                                  318 Richland Creek Wilderness AreaCold morning Fall hike on upper Richland Creek 
                                  317 Hurricane Creek Wilderness AreaTwo man overnight backpack into the Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area
                                  316 Thomas Creek - Hike down the valley of Thomas Creek, tributary of East Fork of the Little Buffalo
                                  315 Rock Creek - Bluff, creek and waterfall hike on Rock Creek, tributary of Big Piney Creek
                                  314 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Hike above the Buffalo River near Little Pine Hollow, Whitaker Creek
                                  313 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Hike from Little Pine Hollow to Pine Hollow
                                  312 North Fork of the Illinois Bayou - Overnight bluff camp above the North Fork of the Illinois Bayou
                                  311 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Still summer bluff hike above the Valley of Deadliness
                                  310 Little Missouri Falls - Quick visit on the upper Little Missouri River, low water
                                  309 East Fork of the Little Buffalo - Hike above the East Fork of the Little Buffalo to Dismal Hollow
                                  308 Leatherwood Wilderness AreaRainy overnight backpack above Leatherwood Creek
                                  307 Cossatot River - Kayaking the Cossatot River at 4.2' in August, Ed Banks to Sand bar
                                  306 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Summer bluff action hike in the Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area
                                  305 Lake Ouachita - Kayak camping on Lake Ouachita, Ouachita National Forest
                                  304 Dry Creek Wilderness Area - Short hike in the Dry Creek Wilderness Area, Ouachita National Forest
                                  303 Sulphur Creek - Hike on Sulphur Creek, tributary of the North Fork of the Illinois Bayou
                                  302 Lower Buffalo Wilderness - Foray into the Duck's Head area of the Lower Buffalo Wilderness
                                  301 Water Creek - Hike from bluff to valley, down Water Creek to the Buffalo River
                                  300 Lower Cave CreekHike on lower Cave Creek to the Buffalo River and Clair Bluff
                                  299 Upper Cave Creek - Bluff hike above Cave Creek, tributary of the Buffalo, Ozark National Forest
                                  298 Ouachita River at Rockport - Paddling around lower Rockport, Ouachita River at Malvern
                                  297 Buffalo River at MaumeeKayaking upstream from South Maumee on the Buffalo National River
                                  296 Driving around Arkansas - Drive north to west to south to east to north, assorted locations
                                  295 Spring Creek - Hike down Spring Creek to the Buffalo River and Spring Creek Bluff, Buffalo River Trail
                                  294 Flatiron Bluff - Hike to Flatiron Bluff at the Buffalo National River's confluence with the Little Buffalo
                                  293 Little Missouri River - Hike along and above the Little Missouri River near Winding Stairs, overnight aborted
                                  292 The Creek of the Unknown - Hike down The Creek of the Unknown in an undisclosed location
                                  291 Leatherwood Wilderness Area -  Three man overnight backpack on bluff action above Leatherwood Creek
                                  290 Flatside Wilderness Area - Flatside Wilderness Area hike, Crystal Prong, Ouachita National Forest
                                  289 Dismal Creek - Hike up Dismal Creek, tributary of the Upper Big Piney Creek, Ozark National Forest
                                  288 Colorado - Drive around Southwest Colorado, Ouray, Rocky Mountain National Park
                                  287 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Hike down Dug Hollow to Buffalo then up Whitaker Creek
                                  286 Long Branch - Bluff and Valley hike on the Long Branch of the East Fork of the Little Buffalo
                                  285 Gladon Creek - Backpack to bluff camp above this tributary of the East Fork of the Little Buffalo
                                  284 Rock House HollowHike Down Rock House Hollow to Cave Creek, Ozark National Forest
                                  283 West Fork of Horsehead Creek - Bluff and creek hike on the West Fork of Horsehead Creek
                                  282 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Overnight bluff action in Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area
                                  281 Leatherwood Wilderness Area - Ridge on valley action along Middle Creek in Leatherwood Wilderness Area
                                  280 Blaylock Mountain - Hike to the top of Blaylock Mountain above the Little Missouri River
                                  279 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Backpacking the Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area
                                  278 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Hike above Richland Creek in the Richland Creek Wilderness Area
                                  277 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Ridge hike above Greasy Creek in Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area
                                  276 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Backpacking in Richland Creek Wilderness Area with wind and bluff action
                                  275 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Camping at Richland Creek Campground, Sandstone Castles hike
                                  274 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Overnight bluff action in the Boen Gulf, Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area
                                  273 City Rock Bluff - Fantastic bluff high above the White River just upstream of Calico Rock
                                  272 West Fork Big Piney Creek - Hike above the West Fork Big Piney Creek, Piney Forks
                                  271 Cove Lake - One night camping action at Cove Lake north of Mount Magazine
                                  270 Petit Jean State Park - Sunrise and breakfast at Petit Jean State Park with Elita, what a woman
                                  269 Cooley Creek - Manly hike above Cooley Creek in Newton County in search of bluff action
                                  268 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Shrubbery hike above the Buffalo River and Whitaker Creek
                                  267 East Fork Little Buffalo - Hike above the East Fork of the Little Buffalo and Lee Hollow
                                  266 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Hike up the creek to where the creek turns right
                                  265 Sam's Throne - Drive around Arkansas and Oklahoma ending up at Sam's Throne
                                  264 Buffalo River above Woolum - Paddle on the Buffalo above Woolum to Skull Bluff and the Narrows
                                  263 Upper Cossatot River and Brushy Creek- Slippery hike on the Upper Cossatot River and down Brushy Creek
                                  262 Big Creek - Hike down Big Creek to the Buffalo River to Killingsworth Bluff in Marion County Arkansas
                                  261 North Sylamore Creek - Camping at Gunner Pool Campground on North Sylamore Creek
                                  260 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Steep hike down 45° Hollow and along the Buffalo River to Boen Gulf
                                  259 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Lush hike down Adkins Creek to the Buffalo River to Lovell Hollow
                                  258 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Hike to a bluff and Twin Devils Falls in Richland Creek Wilderness
                                  257 Cossatot River Kayaking - Hike and paddle on the Cossatot River in SW Arkansas at 3.5 feet
                                  256 Talimena Scenic Drive, Cossatot River - Afternoon drive to the Cossatot River to Talimena Scenic Drive
                                  255 Flatside Wilderness Area - Spring morning hike in the Flatside Wilderness Area, Ouachita National Forest
                                  254 East Fork Little Buffalo - Three dude overnight backpack to the East Fork of the Little Buffalo River
                                  253 East Fork of Barron Creek - Rain swollen East Fork of Barron Creek hike, tributary of the Mulberry
                                  252 Devil's Den - Hike on the Yellow Rock Trail in Devil's Den State Park with Elita
                                  251 Ricketts Mountain - Windy morning hike along the bluff's edge of Ricketts Mountain
                                  250 Dismal Hollow - Hike of sadness in Dismal Hollow near the East Fork of the Little Buffalo
                                  249 Leatherwood Wilderness Area - Overnight backpack into Leatherwood Wilderness, North Prong of Middle Creek
                                  248 Mikes Creek - Hike up Mikes Creek, a tributary of Murray Creek in Johnson County
                                  247 Flatside Pinnacle, Brownhoser Falls - Visit to Flatside Pinnacle and Brownhoser Falls in the Ouachitas
                                  246 Falls Branch - Hike up Falls Branch of Cave Creek near Richland Creek Wilderness Area
                                  245 East Fork Little Buffalo - Cold snow hike to the rim above the East Fork of the Little Buffalo
                                  244 Mill Creek, Devils Gorge - Hike up Mill Creek to Devils Gorge (Canyon) near Fern Arkansas
                                  243 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Hike from hell above Hurricane Creek within this wilderness area
                                  242 Leatherwood Wilderness Area - Hike down Leatherwood Creek with plans to camp, but this was not to be
                                  241 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Foggy morning hike along the upper reaches of Long Devils Fork
                                  240 Piney Forks Backpack - Three man overnight slumber party above the uppermost branches of Big Piney creek
                                  239 Hawk Hollow - Quick fall overnight backpack to Hawk Hollow in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area
                                  238 New England - Drive to the Northeastern U.S. then down East to the Smoky Mountains
                                  237 Forked Mountain - Hike to top of Forked Mountain on the edge of Flatside Wilderness Area...from hell
                                  236 Gladon Creek bluff action - Overnight backpack to Gladon Creek with camping within...there
                                  235 Cecil Hollow, Ponca Wilderness - Bluff hike into Cecil Hollow in the Ponca Wilderness near Kyles Landing
                                  234 Hiking Indian Creek - Hike around the rim of Indian Creek, Buffalo National River, from Kyles Landing
                                  233 Kayaking Big Piney Creek - Hike from Long Pool to Indian Creek, paddle from there and down the Piney
                                  232 Kayaking the Middle Fork of the Illinois Bayou - Sunny morning paddle from Snow Creek to Hwy 27
                                  231 Buffalo National River near Pruitt - Hike from Pruitt to Ozark along the Buffalo River trail system
                                  230 Drive around western Arkansas - Loop drive with my wife Elita, DeGray Lake south to Eureka Springs north
                                  229 Lake Winona - Short canoe trip on the western end of Lake Winona in the Ouachita National Forest
                                  228 Butterfield Trail, Devils Den - Late afternoon hike and aborted overnight on the Butterfield Hiking Trail
                                  227 Buffalo National River near Erbie - Hike on the Old River and Buffalo River Trails near historic Erbie
                                  226 Ponca Wilderness, Big Bluff - Hike from Steel Creek to Big Bluff, Old River Trail, Buffalo National River
                                  225 Talimena Scenic Drive - Late afternoon drive along this highway in the sky to Oklahoma
                                  224 Lower Buffalo Wilderness - Tick laden hike across the forest to the Buffalo River
                                  223 Wolf Bayou - Hike to this winding mountain stream in Cleburn County, Arkansas
                                  222 Cossatot River, Shady Lake, Saline River Late night drive to southwestern Arkansas in the rain
                                  221 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Camping at Richland Creek Campground with hiking in the area
                                  220 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Hike down Pruitt Hollow and over to Adkins Creek with camp near there
                                  219 Leatherwood Wilderness Area - Overnight backpack and bluff camp above Leatherwood Creek
                                  218 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Half day hike to Lovell Hollow and along the upper Buffalo
                                  217 Ponca Wilderness - Hike to a bluff above the Buffalo National River in the Ponca Wilderness
                                  216 Leatherwood Wilderness Area - Overnight hike and bluff camp in the leathery wilderness from hell
                                  215 Raspberry Mountain, Saline River - Hike along Raspberry Mtn and the Upper Saline River in Polk County
                                  214 East Fork of the Little Buffalo - Bluff hike between Dog Branch and Willis Branch
                                  213 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Short morning hike along the southwestern edge
                                  212 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Overnight hike and bluff camping surrounded by bears, not really
                                  211 Upper Hurricane Creek - Hike around Cub Nugget bluffs, cave and natural arch, Cub Creek
                                  210 Buzzard's Roost - Short morning hike to Buzzard City and the associated natural bridge
                                  209 Lower Buffalo Wilderness - Overnight backpack across to the Buffalo with bluff camping action
                                  208 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Rainy morning hike along Whitaker Creek, Compton's Falls
                                  207 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Hike on upper Richland Creek to Long Devils Fork
                                  206 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Fall hike on and around Hurricane Creek with rain included
                                  205 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Three man overnight backpack, much manliness included
                                  204 East Fork Illinois Bayou - Bluff exploration, foggy hike into this valley from hell's bayou
                                  203 Valley of Big Creek - Bluff line hike along the rim of Big Creek not far from Sam's Throne
                                  202 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Overnight backpack into Boen Gulf in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness
                                  201 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Hike up Main Prong Big Buffalo Creek and down again
                                  200 Richland Creek Valley - Hike on the Ozark Highlands Trail to The Narrows on the Buffalo River
                                  199 Cove Lake camping - White knuckle action ensues at this lake just north of Mt Magazine
                                  198 Driving out east - Cruise around the Smokies in Tennessee and North Carolina
                                  197 Kayaking the lower Buffalo - Upstream paddle from Buffalo City to Elephant Head Rock and back
                                  196 Kayaking Lake Ouachita - Kayak camping on Lake Ouachita in 100° heat, survival uncertain
                                  195 Buffalo River Trail - Tick laden hike on the trails around Camp Orr and Erbie along the Buffalo
                                  194 Ponca Wilderness - Hike into this Buffalo National River semi-wilderness and up Sneeds Creek
                                  193 Big Brushy Creek Trail - Morning hike on the Big Brushy Creek Trail in southwestern Arkansas
                                  192 Buffalo Point - Three day campout with hiking and kayaking courtesy of the National Park Service
                                  191 Upper Wolf Creek - Rainy morning hike along this action packed creek filled with caves and waterfalls
                                  190 Lower Buffalo Wilderness - Backpack in the Duck's Head region of the Lower Buffalo Wilderness
                                  189 Talimena Scenic Drive - Aborted Cossatot run due to high water, drive to Talimena Scenic Drive
                                  188 Caney Creek Wilderness Area - Hike on the Buckeye-Caney Creek Loop Trail
                                  187 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Hike down Bowers Hollow and over to Hawk Hollow
                                  186 Gladon Creek - Backpacking this tributary of the East Fork of the Little Buffalo
                                  185 Southwestern Ouachitas - Morning drive around Sugar Creek, Saline River and Shady Lake
                                  184 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Overnight backpack into this dark forest filled with peril
                                  183 Cedar Creek Falls - Short hike down Cedar Creek Trail in Petit Jean State Park
                                  182 Kayaking the Middle Fork Illinois Bayou - Early morning paddle on this rain swollen fork
                                  181 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Afternoon hike with some snow, aborted overnight
                                  180 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Snow hike to Boen Gulf and to the Buffalo River
                                  179 Leatherwood Wilderness Area - Hike around the bluffs above South Prong Middle Creek
                                  178 Indian Creek Gorge - Initial exploration of the eastern rim of this Buffalo tributary
                                  177 Cliff Hollow - Hike down Cliff Hollow in the Ponca Wilderness, Buffalo National River
                                  176 Dry Creek Wilderness Area - Hike down the creek for which this wilderness is named
                                  175 Dismal Hollow, Gladon Creek - Cold morning hike on these tributaries of the East Fork Little Buffalo
                                  174 Mount Magazine - Foggy morning around Mount Magazine State Park with breakfast
                                  173 Devils Gorge - Hike into this valley of evil with a marginal return to the surface
                                  172 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Deadly hike into valley of Greasy Creek
                                  171 Dismal Hollow - Scary and windy overnight backpack into Dismal Hollow
                                  170 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Rainy hike in Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area
                                  169 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Backpacking up and beyond Pine Hollow
                                  168 Kings River Bluff - Very short hike to a bluff overlooking the Kings River
                                  167 West Fork of Big Piney Creek - Overnight backpack up the West Fork and the Piney Forks
                                  166 Edgemon Creek - Hike down the headwaters of Beech Creek in Newton County
                                  165 Leatherwood Wilderness Area - Hiking and pondering this wilderness area
                                  164 Rocky Mountains - Rocky Mountain, Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks
                                  163 Hawksbill Crag - Short hike to this overcrowded icon of the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area
                                  162 Ozark Highlands Trail - Hike west from Fairview Campground to Buck Branch
                                  161 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Hot summer hike amongst the Richland Creek shrubbery
                                  160 Gene Rush WMA - Hike around Horn Mountain in Gene Rush WMA in Searcy County
                                  159 Cecil Cove Loop - Hike around this loop trail at Erbie, Buffalo National River
                                  158 Little Missouri Falls - Hiking around the Little Missouri Falls and the ridge to the west
                                  157 Blanchard Springs, Buffalo Point - Drive around these northern Arkansas Recreation Areas
                                  156 Right Hand Prong North Fork Illinois Bayou - Hike near Pedestal Rocks and King's Bluff
                                  155 Ponca Wilderness, Big Bluff - Hike on Centerpoint Trail to top of Big Bluff                                      
                                  154 Cossatot River at High Water - Not paddling the Cossatot due to high water
                                  153 Six Creek Hollow - Hike in Six Creek Hollow, a tributary of the upper Big Piney
                                  152 Flatside Wilderness Area - Overnight backpacking in Flatside Wilderness Area
                                  151 Thomas and Lee Hollows - Hike on these tributaries of the East Fork Little Buffalo
                                  150 Driving around Arkansas - Large looping drive from north to south in Arkansas
                                  149 Bear Creek - Hike down this Big Piney tributary near Fort Douglas
                                  148 Big Piney Forks - Backpacking on the Piney Forks of Big Piney Creek
                                  147 Long Branch, Haunt Hollow - Hike down Long Branch, Haunt Hollow, East Fork Little Buffalo
                                  146 Barberry Creek, Gladon Creek - Hike on these creeks and East Fork Little Buffalo
                                  145 Dismal Hollow - Hike down Dismal Hollow, tributary East Fork Little Buffalo
                                  144 Falling Water, Richland, Big Piney Creeks - Drizzly day piddlin around some creeks
                                  143 Spradley Hollow - Hike above Spradley Hollow above the upper Big Piney valley
                                  142 Jasper, Mt Magazine, Lake Sylvia - Drive around Arkansas with Elita
                                  141 Big Piney Forks - Hike on two forks of the uppermost reaches of Big Piney Creek
                                  140 Bear Creek - Hike down Bear Creek and down the upper Big Piney Creek
                                  139 Dismal Creek - Hike on two forks of Dismal Creek, Glory Hole area
                                  138 Random Winter - Assorted locations around Arkansas during December
                                  137 Lake Sylvia - Walk around this Central Arkansas Recreation Area
                                  136 Kayaking the Cossatot River - Cold morning paddle on the Cossatot River
                                  135 Petit Jean State Park - Breakfast and wandering around my favorite State Park
                                  134 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Backpack to Hawk Hollow along the Upper Buffalo River
                                  133 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Hike from Terrapin Branch to Boen Gulf
                                  132 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Hike on Big Devils Fork, Sandcastles, Twin Falls
                                  131 Talimena Drive, Winding Stair - Drive along the Talimena Scenic Drive into Oklahoma                                
                                  130 Home Valley Bluff Line - Hike along the rim above Home Valley, Big Piney drainage                                      
                                  129 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Hike down Jim Bob Hollow near Pruitt Hollow                                      
                                  128 Drive around upper Big Piney Creek - Exploring Home Valley and Walnut Valley                                  
                                  000 Hike on the Ozark Highlands Trail - Short hike on OHT near the Mulberry River, Lick Creek
                                  127 Drive into Oklahoma and around Arkansas - 2 day drive in a rambling fashion                                
                                  126 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Hiking the Ozark Highlands Trail, Hurricane Creek Wilderness
                                  125 Ponca Wilderness - Hiking around the Buffalo National River                                  
                                  124 Eagle Rock Loop Trail - Hiking the southern aspect of the trail near the Little Missouri                                
                                  000 Little Missouri Trail - Hike up this trail that parallels the upper Little Missouri River
                                  123 Petit Jean, Mt Magazine - Drive to and around Mt Magazine, Petit Jean Mountain, Mt Nebo                                
                                  122 Buffalo National River - Short hike in the Buffalo National River area of Erbie                                
                                  121 Talimena Scenic Drive - Motoring along this scenic byway from Arkansas into Oklahoma                            
                                  120 Lower Buffalo Wilderness - Hike into the Lower Buffalo Wilderness and into Dark Hollow                          
                                  119 Falling Water Creek - Rainy day kayak run on a short stretch of Falling Water Creek                              
                                  118 Cave Creek Valley - Hike along the bluff line and into the valley of Cave Creek                                
                                  117 Graves Creek Gorge - Hike down this gorgeous tributary of Big Piney Creek                                  
                                  116 Cow Creek - Hike up this fork of Big Creek near the valley of Sam's Throne                                 
                                  115 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Backpacking the northernmost tributary of Boen Gulf                                
                                  114 Cossatot River Kayaking - Paddling a short stretch of this unique Arkansas river                                
                                  113 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Hike along a section of the Upper Buffalo near Pruitt Hollow                        
                                  112 Rock Creek - Hiking this tributary of Big Piney Creek in Newton County                                
                                  111 Leatherwood Wilderness Area - Backpacking to the Buffalo River at the mouth of Middle Creek
                                  110 Thomas Creek - Hiking the westernmost tributary of the East Fork of the Little Buffalo                                
                                  109 Stepp Creek - Hike up this lovely tributary of the East Fork of the Little Buffalo                                
                                  108 Leatherwood Wilderness Area - Backpacking the South Fork of Middle Creek to the Buffalo                          
                                  107 Big Piney, Haw Creek Falls, Mt Magazine - Rainy day drive to these fine locations                           
                                  106 Ponca Wilderness, Buffalo National River - Hemmed-in Hollow rim hike
                                  105 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Snow hike to Richland and Twin Falls                               
                                  104 Bobtail Creek - Hike down Bobtail Creek, a tributary of lower Richland Creek                            
                                  103 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Dug Hollow - Backpack into the northernmost end
                                  102 East Fork of the Little Buffalo - Hike along this tributary of the Buffalo River
                                  101 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Hike in Whitaker Creek Valley, Hawksbill Crag                                          
                                  100 Lower Richland Creek - Hiking lower Richland Creek below Richland Campground
                                  099 Flatside Wilderness Area - Hike near White Oak Mountain, Forked Pinnacle
                                  098 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Backpacking near Devils Fork, bluff camp
                                  097 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Hike near Greasy Creek
                                  096 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Hike to and around the Natural Bridge
                                  095 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Family backpacking in Boen Gulf
                                  094 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Backpacking to Hawk Hollow via Bowers Hollow
                                  093 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Hike along the bluff lines in Boen Gulf 2
                                  092 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Hike along the bluff lines in Boen Gulf 1
                                  091 City Rock Bluff near Calico Rock - View of White River, Lost Valley short hike
                                  090 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Backpacking in the upper reaches of Richland Creek
                                  089 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Rainy day hike to Bowers Hollow and Hubbard Hollow
                                  000 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Hike down the Terrapin Branch 2
                                  000 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Hike down the Terrapin Branch 1
                                  088 Sam's Throne, Jasper, Petit Jean - Some assorted photos in these areas
                                  087 Ponca Wilderness, Bear Cave Hollow - Hiking the Ponca Wilderness, Bear Cave Hollow
                                  086 Big Creek Valley near Sam's Throne - Sunset over the valley near Sam's Throne
                                  085 Ponca Wilderness - Hiking the Buffalo River Trail near Steel Creek       
                                  084 Caney Creek Wilderness Area - Hiking the Hanna Range and Caney Creek Valley
                                  083 Sam's Throne, Big Creek Valley - Hike around the Sam's Throne bluff line
                                  082 North Sylamore Creek and Trail - Early morning at Blanchard Springs, hike on N Sylamore Creek
                                  081 Petit Jean, Mt Magazine, Lake Sylvia - Drives to these spots with a hike near lake Sylvia
                                  000 Lower Buffalo Wilderness - Buffalo River near confluence with White River, wilderness hike
                                  080 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Hike to Sandstone Castles, Long Devils Fork
                                  079 Southwestern Ouachitas - Little Missouri, Shady Lake, Bard Springs
                                  078 Flowers in the Ozarks and Ouachitas - Drive around Devil's Den and Lake Nimrod
                                  077 Ponca Wilderness, Jack Creek, Rich Mountain, Cossatot - Hike in Ponca Wilderness and more
                                  076 Ponca Wilderness, Big Bluff - A hike from the the Centerpoint Traihead to Big Bluff, and beyond
                                  075 Falling Water Creek, Richland Creek - Rainy day on Falling Water Creek and Richland Creek, Six Finger Falls
                                  074 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Pine Hollow - Backpacking down Pine Hollow to the Upper Buffalo
                                  073 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Adkins Creek - Hiking down Adkins Creek to the Upper Buffalo
                                  072 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Whitaker Creek - Hike by Hawksbill Crag and up Whitaker Creek
                                  071 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Lower Fork Whitaker Creek - Short Hike past Chucky Billy Falls
                                  070 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Dug Hollow - Backpacking to Hawksbill Crag via Dug Hollow
                                  069 Whitewater kayaking on the Cossatot River - Short run from Ed Banks to Sand bar
                                  068 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Boen Gulf - Backpacking down Boen Gulf to the Upper Buffalo
                                  067 Flatside Wilderness Area, Little Cedar Creek - Hike into the western end of Flatside Wilderness Area
                                  066 The Glory Hole, Cabin on the Buffalo - Visit to the Glory Hole, Cabin on the Buffalo, Mulberry River

                                  065 Flatside Wilderness Area, Crystal Prong - Hike into Flatside Wilderness Area and along Crystal Prong
                                  064 Murray Falls and Senyard Falls - Short hike to these two falls off Hwy 23, War Eagle Mill, Lost Valley
                                  063 Lake Sylvia Recreation Area - Visit to this great location in the Ouachita National Forest
                                  062 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Whitaker Creek - Hike to Whitaker Creek from the south
                                  061 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Pruitt Hollow - Hike down Pruitt Hollow to Hawk Hollow
                                  060 Petit Jean and Mt Magazine State Parks - Day drive with sunrise and eating at these places
                                  059 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Hike in from the north, Twin Falls, Big Devils Fork
                                  058 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Backpacking the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area to Bowers Hollow
                                  057 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Boen Gulf - Backpacking in Boen Gulf along southern bluff line
                                  056 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, Boen Gulf - My first hike into the Boen Gulf area
                                  000 Richland Creek Wilderness Area, Long Devils Fork - Hike from hell into upper Long Devils Fork
                                  055 Richland Creek Wilderness Area, Stump Mountain - Hike along Richland Creek from on high
                                  054 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area, Sugar Creek - Hike along Hurricane Creek and down Sugar Creek
                                  053 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area, Mill Creek - Hike up Mill Creek to Mill Creek Falls, low flow
                                  052 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area, Greasy Creek - Hike down Greasy Creek to Hurricane Creek
                                  051 Lake Sylvia and Hwy 7 - Drive out to Lake Sylvia then to Hwy 7 in the Ouachita National Forest
                                  050 Ponca Wilderness, Compton Trail head - Hike down the hill to the Buffalo River
                                  049 Colorado vacation, Estes Park - Western vacation to Rocky Mountain National Park
                                  048 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Paddling and hiking upstream and back, Flatside Pinnacle also
                                  047 Flatside Wilderness Area - Spring hike near Crystal Prong and beyond
                                  046 Cossatot River Kayaking - Spring time paddling from Ed Banks to Sand Bar
                                  045 Leatherwood Wilderness Area - Backpacking along Leatherwood Creek near the Buffalo
                                  044 East Fork Wilderness Area - Hike down into the valley of the Illinois Bayou's East Fork
                                  044 Leatherwood Wilderness Area - Backpacking  Leatherwood Creek from the east
                                  043 Falling Water Creek near Richland Campground - Short hike along Falling Water Creek
                                  042 Cossatot River and Falls - Early morning on the Cossatot River
                                  041 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Hike into Richland Creek Wilderness Area from the west
                                  000 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Snow hike into Richland Wilderness, search for sandcastles
                                  040 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Hike along north rim of Richland Creek Valley to falls
                                  039 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Hike up Falling Water Creek and over into Pine Hollow
                                  038 Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area - Backpacking the upper end of Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area
                                  037 Buffalo River near Ponca - Fall drive around the Buffalo River area near Ponca
                                  036 Kings River Falls - Short Fall hike to this Ozark beauty
                                  035 North Sylamore Creek - Rainy day around this creek, also kayaking Illinois Bayou
                                  034 Haw Creek, Random summer - Random crappy summer photos around Haw Creek and such
                                  033 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Summer hike up the creek wading most of the way
                                  032 Flatside Pinnacle - Very short hike to Flatside Pinnacle in the Ouachita National Forest
                                  031 Kayaking the Cossatot - Short run down Cossatot from Ed Banks to Sand Bar
                                  030 Kayaking the Illinois Bayou - Run down the Middle Fork of the Illinois bayou
                                  029 Petit Jean State Park - Breakfast and hanging around this wonder of Arkansas nature
                                  028 Falling Water Creek - Springtime along Falling Water Creek, Falling Water Falls, Six Finger falls
                                  027 Big Piney Creek - Long Pool Falls at Long Pool Campground on Big Piney creek
                                  026 Richland Creek Wilderness Area - Backpacking in the Richland Creek Wilderness, Big Devils Fork
                                  025 Flatside Wilderness Area - Short hike along Little Cedar Creek near Forked Pinnacle
                                  024 Kayaking Little Missouri River - Paddling the Little Missouri from Albert Pike to Hwy 84
                                  023 Kings River Falls, Hawksbill Crag - Short hikes on the Kings River and to Whitaker Point
                                  022 Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area - Overnight backpack into Hurricane Creek Wilderness
                                  000 North Fork Saline River - Backpacking along the uppermost reaches of the N Fork Saline River
                                  021 Flatside Wilderness Area - Overnight backpack into Flatside Wilderness Area
                                  000 Ouachita Trail - Short hike around the Ouachita Trail west of Hwy 9 near Lake Sylvia
                                  020 Petit Jean, Bard Springs - Drive to Petit Jean and southwest to Bard Springs and Shady Lake
                                  019 Big piney Creek, Illinois Bayou, Petit Jean - Paddling Big piney Creek, Illinois Bayou, sunrise at Petit Jean
                                  018 Cossatot River, Haw Creek - Paddling the Cossatot River, driving around Haw Creek, Big Piney Creek
                                  001 Why this site exists - Ummm...

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