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  My wife Elita an I took a drive up north Saturday that began in Fifty-Six Arkansas and ended up in Clarksville. We ate breakfast at Cody's Restaurant in Fifty-Six and proceeded to City Rock Bluff just upstream fro Calico Rock on the White River. A stop was made in Calico Rock, then past Yellville to Harrison and back down to Ponca. A short hike was made up the "more crowded than I like" Lost Valley Trail. The weather was cool and cloudy to occasional sun. The Lost Valley Trail has been refurbished but no new bridge has been built over the creek yet. I still marvel at how cool this area would have been if it was located in a hard to get to area...but as it is...it's just more like an amusement park. Harley riders were everywhere. They rank right up there with horse riders for me. We saw an eagle at City Rock Bluff and a few elk in Boxley Valley. It was a fun trip.

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