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  I headed up to Boen Gulf Saturday and arrived around 5:30 a.m. after the usual breakfast in Clarksville at the South Park Restaurant. Parking was at the official spot off CR 6/FS 1462/Terrapin Rd which is 1/3 mile west off Hwy 21. Sunrise was scheduled for 7:09 so I went in at 6:00 with darkness still in effect. There is a trail that will take you all the way into the valley that starts here. There was very little water in the creeks as expected...but that was ok because my plan was to mainly hike along bluffs in the valley. The weather was fantastic aside from the clouds and an occasional drizzle that included sleet near the end of my hike. The first stop was at the almost dry Magnolia and Woods Boys Falls....then along the bluff and down into the valley to where the main branch meets the southernmost branch. Next was up the hill to the east and up on top of the bluff line of an unnamed hollow. The boulders and bluffs in this area are quite cool. This was a relatively short 5 mile hike but quite pleasurable. Temp in 41 at 6:00, temp out 48 at noon, cloudy with occasional sun.

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