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Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area
Sunrise 7:33, temp in 48 at 6:00 a.m., temp out 82 at 1:30
  Ain't been in the Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area in a while so here I am. Parking occurred off CR 5881 (Big Piney Creek Rd) which comes off Hwy 123 Just east of the Fort Douglas bridge over Big Piney Creek...close to where Hurricane Creek makes contact with the Piney. I followed the creek in and crossed easily and made my way via an old road to where the Ozark Highlands Trail crosses the creek. There was a tent near here and I had to work my way around up the hill. There was enough water in the creek to make it lovely enough...but hardly optimal. Fall color was perfect in this area...and the day was sunny and bright. The temp went from 48 to 82 in no time. I have been in this area many times but not to the natural bridge in maybe 25 years. You have to climb the hill to the top of the bluff from the south to get to the bridge. After enjoying it for a while I followed the top of the bluff line to the next hollow to the north which I call Newton-Johnson Hollow since it starts in Newton County and ends in Johnson County...and the map shows no name. I had to follow the bluff a good ways up this hollow until I found a way down the bluff line. This hollow has the largest boulders I have ever encountered in Arkansas. Some are as large as a two story house...it's like the entire bluff broke away in spots. I've been here in the past but have never seen it full of water. I made it back to Hurricane Creek and hiked back the way I came. There was one high flying eagle soaring and one chipmunk...that was about the extent of my wildlife encountered. Total mileage about 7.5 miles.

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